Friday, March 31, 2017

Status Updates & DevOps Periodic Table of Tools

I've been away from nurturing my blog for a couple of weeks because I have been busy developing a calendar so that I can publish articles that are of most value to my readers. Also, these past weeks have been extremely enriching for me as I have been engaged as an Independent Agile coach for a couple of teams. Some of you have reached out to me to write about my experiences as an Agile coach. I have that as one of my topics which I plan to publish soon. I also have compiled a list of questions that I get asked by my potential clients before they bring me into their environments. I will post that in the Tools & Resources Section of my blog.

For today, I wanted to share with you a great resource published by Xebia Labs - DevOps Periodic Table of Tools. It is represented so clearly for anyone that is looking to gain an understanding of the vast landscape of the toolset that is available. If you currently use this table, please share in the comments below how you use it in your organization. If you have never seen this before and have found it a helpful read, please do let me know.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fun Scrum Simulation with Lego Workshop - PMI Milwaukee Southeast Wisconsin Chapter

If you are in Southeast Wisconsin, please join me as I help facilitate a fun Scrum Simulation with Lego Workshop at the PMI-Milwaukee Southeast Wisconsin Chapter.  For complete details to sign up, please visit the PMI Milwaukee Event Registration Page. To learn about on the background on Scrum  with Legos, please visit

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

PMI-Milwaukee Breakfast Discussion - Career Planning for Project Managers

I am invited to be a guest speaker/panelist tomorrow at my local Project Management Institute (PMI-Milwaukee) Chapter.  The topic for tomorrow's discussion is: Career Planning for Project Managers. The event is hosted by Direct Supply from 7:00-8:30AM at their offices in Milwaukee.

Presentation Summary:  
Project managers need to manage their careers over the long term just like anyone else. If an organization has more than a few project managers then there will be a mix of people with different skills, experience, and aspirations. It's natural for some people to leave and others to take their places.
How do organizations manage that mix over the long term? What do project managers aspire to do after they've gotten really good at their jobs? What opportunities can we create for them that will use their strengths while helping them to get what they want from their careers?  
If you are interested in learning more about this topic as a blog post, please leave your comments below.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

SAFe Training Calendar Published!

I am glad to be announcing our SAFe Training Calendar for the months of October & November.  Please checkout the current offerings and sign up early. The October classes have a maximum capacity of 15 and the November classes can accommodate up to 20 participants.  Payment is easy via PayPal with a major credit card. If you would like to pay over the phone, please send me and email and a contact number where I can reach you.

The location details will be provided via email as soon as the registration has been completed. The cost of registration includes lunch, snacks for both days and exam registration for certification.

I look forward to meeting you soon!
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2 2016

Warm Autumn wishes! Today is October 2 2016. As I remember to two years ago when I had delivered my toastmasters speech on the occasion October 2 1869, A Glimpse Back in History Also, a lot has changed since that day. I have been away from blogging on my site for almost two years. 

However, I am back now and will be sharing with my readers and followers what I have been doing during this long hiatus. I will be sharing what content topics you can expect to see here and as always, please leave your comments on what topics you are most interested in reading.

I also have started up two Meetup communities - Predictive Analytics Ozaukee & Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Ozaukee.  I will give my readers more in the upcoming weeks on what each of those communities are and how if you are local to Ozaukee county Wisconsin or surrounding area can join us at our next gathering.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

It has been quite a while since I have blogged. I have many updates to share and I plan to become more regular with my postings here. For all my readers, I thank you for your support and encouragement as I pickup where I left off. Since my last post on 1869, A Glimpse back in History, I have completed all my 10 speech projects for my Competent Communication Track - Toastmasters Educational Program.

I have achieved my certification as CC and currently working on my Advanced Communication Series. I have started my YouTube channel and also on Pinterest .
In my upcoming post I shall share with you a schedule of the weekly posts you can expect on this blog and would love your suggestions for topics you would like me to blog on. Please share your comments and suggestions for ideas below.
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2nd 1869: A Glimpse Back in History

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man. - Mahatma Gandhi

Today is October 2nd 2014 and marks the 145th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.  The honorific Mahatma in Sanskrit means "high-soul", venerable, great soul";  also widely referred to in India as "Bapu" or father. 2nd October is also recognized world-wide as International Day of Non-Violence and on this occasion, I would like to share with you a glimpse back in history about the life of this legendary soul, peacemaker and freedom fighter - Mahatma Gandhi.

October 2nd 1869, in the rural village of Porbander, Kathiawar District, West Gujarat, a preeminent leader of Indian independence movement in British-ruled India was born.   

His name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.  Gandhi's parents were Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai, a Hindu merchant caste family in Gujarat.  After completing his primary and secondary education in India, Gandhi took interest to become a barrister.  Barristers specialize in courtroom advocacy, drafting legal pleadings, and giving expert legal opinions.  So, he traveled to England in 1888 for his education in law.  He earned his degree in law and returned to India in 1891.  Upon his return, he found himself  unsuccessful in setting up his law practice. He observed that the local "vakils" or lawyers, homegrown and well versed with Indian law were charging far less for their services than their British educated counterparts. In a futile attempt upon the advice of his friends & elders, he heads to Bombay to fill his gap by getting educated on Indian Law. His success in the courtrooms of Bombay as a lawyer is short lived and when he received a job offer as a legal advisor for an Indian company in Durban, South Africa, he readily accepts it.

He moved to SouthAfrica in 1893 when Africa's Apartheid movement was in full force. He continued to work and live here for over 20 years during which time he witnessed and felt the pain, the suffering and racial discrimination the Indians and Blacks were going through in South Africa.  Soon Gandhi found himself at the receiving end of such abuse and he vowed to take up the baton on behalf of the Indian community. He organized the expatriate Indians and protested against the injustices meted out by the African government. After years of disobedience and non-violent protests, the South African government finally conceded to Gandhi's demands and an agreement to this effect was signed in 1914. A battle was won, but Gandhi realized the war that was to be waged against the British awaits his arrival in India. Hence, he returned to India the following year.

Between the years of 1858-1947, the Indian subcontinent was under the British Raj ("rule"). His early movements for freedom started in South Africa - Satyagraha, meaning "truth" and "firmness". In 1915 he started his mission for freedom for the people of India by participating and organizing various movements that were already underway, under the guidance of his political mentor - Mr. Gopal Krishna Gokhale.  Gandhi always advocated a path of truth and non-violence through the Satyagraha movement. Some of his famous campaigns led for India's freedom struggle were: the Non-cooperation movement, civil disobedience movement , the Salt Tax abolition campaign - Dandi March and the Quit IndiaMovement. He got arrested on several occasions. His slogans "Quit India" , "Do or Die" were very popular.  Gandhi's vision for a free India was based on religious pluralism, however this was challenged during the early 1940's by a new Muslim nationalism that was demanding a separate Muslim homeland carved out of India. As a result, the British Indian Empire was partitioned into two dominions, a Hindu majority India and a Muslim dominant Pakistan. All these movements led to the British East India Company to set foot back out and India declared Independence on August 15th, 1947

Mahatma Gandhi continued his peace campaigns and calming tensions in the new nation between the Hindus and Muslims.  His life in the newly independent country was short-lived when he was assassinated by a Hindu nationalist, Nathuram Godse on 30th January1948 during a prayer meeting.

His birthday, 2nd October, is commemorated as a national holiday in India and celebrated as Gandhi Jayanthi and is also recognized worldwide by the UnitedNations as International Day of Non Violence.  Mahatma Gandhi inspired the world with his relentless faith in truth and justice for all mankind through Ahimsa.  He was a great soul - Mahatma - who loved even those who fought against his ideals to bring about peace with non-violence or 'Ahimsa'. 

His life was a message - a message of peace over power, of finding ways to reconcile our differences and living in harmony with respect and love even for our enemies.  Dear friends, I encourage you to recognize that "Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain.." and to consider becoming champions of love and peace to spread this message of Ahimsa. 

Presented at Ozaukee Toastmasters Club #3510
October 2nd 2014
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