Friday, December 9, 2011

International Business: Doing Business in India

Today I attended a great informational briefing on the International Business Development Trade Mission to India. It was sponsored by the newly created Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.  The mission is scheduled to travel to India tentatively April 21-May 2 2012 to explore ways to tackle the rapidly expanding water and waste water market.  The mission will include visits to major mega cities in India namely: New Delhi, Mumbai and perhaps even Chennai. The trip will include market briefings, one-on-one business meetings with potential customers, facility tours, first-hand market intelligence on exporting, and investment & R&D opportunities.  To learn more about this trade mission visit the WEDC website.

The briefing today was presented by Mr. Arup Mitra, a senior Commercial Specialist in the US Commercial Service office from Kolkata, India.  It was insightful to learn about challenges and opportunities that are currently being created in India as a result of the growing water crisis. Access to fresh, clean, safe drinking water has been always been a known challenge in India.  With its growing population at 1.2 billion with a GDP of over $1 trillion, India continues to grow at a steady rate of over 7%.  This growth adds to the growing stress of the steadily diminishing natural resource - water!  The key issues that India faces with water resources are: declining availability, increasing demand and the general water quality. These issues give rise to opportunities for companies in USA and other advanced countries to help address this immediate critical need. This need can be addressed by means of technology innovation, infrastructure installation, community education, successful foreign partnerships, government subsidies etc.

I eagerly look forward to continue learning about this trade mission as additional information becomes available to me in the upcoming weeks.

Are you are a US based company thinking about doing business in India? If so, what are some of the markets sectors you have considered ? What do you think would be your biggest challenge in doing business with India ?
Please share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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