Sunday, January 29, 2012

Video: Creative Marketing Strategy with Social Media & Flash Mob

On a recent flight to India, the world's oldest European airline at age 85, Finnair, chose to do something unique for its on-board passengers. It implemented a Creative Marketing Strategy with Social Media & Flash Mob style around its "Designed for You" campaign. Finnair Flight AY201 was bound to India's capital city, New Delhi from Helsinki. January 26th was India's 63rd Republic Day. To commemorate this event, the Finnish airlines crew performed a Bollywood style dance aboard the flight as surprised passengers watched. The video has already gone viral on YouTube and many are remarking on what a great creative marketing strategy with social media it had been by the airline. The blog post on Finnair has received over 150 comments and the YouTube video over 2.8M views already! You can watch the clip below.

Here is the original song: Om Shanti Om, Song Deewangi

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