Thursday, August 5, 2010

Media Event: Department of Workforce Development DWD - Reemployment Services Session

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Website
Today, I was invited to attend and participate in a 2 hour session from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's Reemployment Services.  RES is an important program that has proven effective in helping job seekers.  This program was made possible through a DOL grant.  For those of you interested in learning about this program, view this PowerPoint presentation.  The letter I received mandated me to attend it and that I was randomly chosen due to my layoff in 2009.  I also had to take a survey and create a candiate profile on the Job Center of Wisconsin before the session.  I found out that it did not matter that I am currently employed.  They are offering this as a useful resource to everyone that has been, is, or will become unemployed. I am glad I attended, as I found a lot of great information at the event!  The session was held in the MATC, Mequon location at 5555 W. Highland Ave. on the West Campus. I had to sign in and then received a bright pink parking permit to put inside the dash of my car. The receptionist informed me I can use the same permit for future events I attend at that DWD Center.  There were atleast 10-15 other attendees today.  We were escorted by Mr. Ken Moravec, our RES coach to a classroom down the hallway.  We received helpful handouts on resources that are available through DWD, local networking groups, calendar of events for training, career workshops etc. It was all very useful information.  Ken presented our orientation session offering various helpful resources that are available, interviewing tips, networking events, career workshops, and the National Career Readiness Certificate Program (NCRC Certification Program). I will be doing more research on this in the upcoming weeks to see if that is something I might be interested in acheiving for my jobskills portfolio. Overall, it was a very helpful session.  I picked up a lot of good resources from the center.  If my blog readers are interested, I can blog about topics of interest such as: networking for job seekers, dress for success, job resources for persons with disabilities, How to get started on LinkedIn, how to setup a blog and use it as a tool for your job search etc.
If you are interested, leave a comment below with your topic of interest and I will queue up my posts per your requests.

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